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Mid-Lightweight Whorls (6.5-8.5g) to match your interchangeable spindle shafts.
(shaft is NOT included, they are shown in pictures as a sizing reference)

Insert from the bottom part of the shaft and squeeze until snug in place.
All models fit on the interchangeable shafts (past models as well).

Things to keep in mind:
- Different woods have different densities = weights.
- The smaller the whorl in weight, the easier it is to flick your spindle with strength (which equals more speed) and the more yarn you can store without tiring your hands
- The smaller the circumference the faster the spindle will turn, but also the shorter the spin.
- The more weight on the outside of your whorl, the more inertia you have (durable spinning time)
- If you know your shaft's weight, you can figure out the total spindle weight and adjust to your needs.

You can switch whorls during a spin, for example starting slow and steady, then going smaller as the spindle fills out which balances out the weight, until you eventually remove all whorls and spin with the shaft only.

These whorls are made for pre-order and might differ from the image:
Osage Trumpet

Lignum Vitae Ring

Rubane Satine Ring

Yellowheart Square Bowl

Cocobolo Disc

Satine Wide

If you've already pre-ordered and would like to add a whorl, select 'pickup' when purchasing to avoid shipping, leave a note and I'll add it to your order.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like a specific wood used for a whorl model

MidLightweight Interchangeable Whorls

PrixÀ partir de 15,00C$
Expected to ship mid-June after our 3 in-person events
  •   Shipping Costs are approximative. You will be refunded if there is surcharge but will not be charged more if shipping is above what you've paid.

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