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A cross between Rambouillet, Border Leicester and Cormo. 
1 oz of lovely locks that will be easy to open up and hand process whatever method chosen.

Alexina selected this fleece from the fleece competition at the Vermon Sheep & Wool. The fibres present alot of fine wool characteristics, with tips that show the Border Leicester influence.

The raw fibres were sorted carefully to remove any unwanted parts, then scoured while carefully maintaining each lock structure.

Keep in mind that processing naturally reduces the weight by approximately 10% as it removes any further dust or extraneous bits.

Rambouillet x BL x Cormo fleece 1oz

  •   Shipping Costs are approximative. You will be refunded if there is surcharge but will not be charged more if shipping is above what you've paid.

  •   Please bear in mind you may additionally be charged your country's customs fees.

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