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Shaft Only - Made to fit any of our interchangeable whorls.

Great for exploring your spinner identity and for a lower cost introduction using quality tools.

Each shaft is turned to ensure a straight axis on rotation but how the whorl is fixed on can affect the spin  - work it by slightly adjusting the whorl angle or turning it and you should find a sweet spot.


Shaft length : 10" 1/4

Wood Essences & corresponding weights:
Beech Wood

Ashwood and Black walnut approx. 11 g
Birchwood  approx 14g
Ipe approx 17-18g 
Maple approx 13g
Morado approx 20g

Keep in mind your shaft weights to pair them up appropriately.
The whorl is squeezed onto the shaft from the bottom-up (pass whorl over spinning tip, not the flicker)


Interchangeable Shafts - PRE-ORDERS CLOSED

PriceFrom C$35.00
Expected to ship mid-June after our 3 in-person events
  •  Shipping Costs are approximative. You will be refunded if there is surcharge but will not be charged more if shipping is above what you've paid.

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