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The Workshop

Get to Know Us

It all starts and concludes at the workshop.

Every step in production happens here at L'aime Laine, including the elaboration and development of techniques.
Although our main 
specialization is woodturning, many other procedures occur such as cutting, glueing, sanding, metalworking and application of various finishes.
Our distinguishing feature is our effort in flawless finishing techniques for refined results.


Environmental Concerns

We pay special attention to use woods as local as possible and to repurpose waste from production.

When we use non-indigenous woods we get our supplies from sources that can provide traceability to avoid unsustainable exploitation.

Although many finishing products for woods give beautiful results, most are incredibly detrimental to the environment. We've chosen to use food grade oils to protect our creations. Ideally these are reapplied regularly to keep the wood sealed - when you purchase from us we mention the finish so you may regularly maintain your heirloom by keeping it nourished and glowing. 

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